One of the main seaports of Vardenfell, the city of Arabel is a key settlement for the spreading of the Akatosh kingdom’s influence over the Pontar coastline lands.

The city was built approximately five centuries ago by the Aelenirians when their migration to Vardenfell begun. After establishing the Akatosh Kingdom’s capital city Maribor and Novigrad in the Pelagiad Islands, the Aelenirians carried several expansion campaigns into the Pontar lands building Arabel as an outpost to support their claims.

After almost four centuries of war between the kingdoms of Akatosh and Volsung, peace has reached the northern regions of Ysgramor. After the end of the Purge Wars, Arabel become the seat of power of the Shabda’Oud priests who played an important role in the signing of the peace treaty between these two rival nations.

Due to the political and social stability and to its location in the Pontar coast, Arabel grew into a commercial city establishing sea trade routes with all the major cities in Vardenfell. In the last decades the city of Arabel has flourished achieving high political and economic status in Vardenfell profiting from its trade connections with both northern kingdoms and other free cities.

The city was built on both riversides of the Camlad River where it ends and flows into the Pontarian North Sea. The river connects Arabel to the elven city of Therseloth located in the Narnir valley in the Tinderin forest, the heart of the elven kingdom of Ilmarë.

The human noble Kaern Miellorian is the Lord Warden of Arabel (elected lord under a bureaucratic despotism regime). He is the leader of the city’s council who enforces the city justice, defense, commerce and laws.

The city has a population of 8.900 inhabitants, 1.600 or so living on the countryside within a few miles of the city walls. The people of Arabel are mostly humans (82%), halflings (8%), dwarves (7%), gnomes (2%) and other (1%). Other races pass through the city regularly due to the presence of the White Harbor inside the city walls.


Arabel Districts:
Inner City
Western Quarters
Eastern Quarters


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